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Friday, November 15, 2013

NAPOMO November 2013 # 15

American Housewife Haiku #15 (what_______)

Asked: What kind of pie?
The Way We Were, then. Now,
we eat what’s there.  

What say you, daughter?
So eager for adventure,
take the best offer.

Wrapped in endless “What?”
You should have been listening.
Now you’re all alone.

What not to question:
my girth, hair, choice of clothing.
And yes, I love you.

What fools men can be!
It takes so little to woo,
then they fart too much.

What a crock of poo!
Monkey house shenanigans,
just drink the Kool-Aid.

Gimme a what-what!
On the recovery road,
life will still kill you.

Where, why, how, and what-
Tell the story you have to-
the rest is writing.

What time is it now?
Just fifteen minutes later?

What else do you want?
This is my final offer.
Magic fish wishes.

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