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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Advent 1-3 Preparation

The future was wide open

I had all day to get writing, find direction,
then I forgot the prompt and thought
"procrastination". I began the afternoon
riffing on how I have been late everywhere
for everything since my premature birth.

Thinking that word didn’t sound correct
I ticked through the list of possible "p’s":
practice, popularity, positronic- that one’s silly
but sans computer I had no way to check,
left to my swiss cheese brain and bad recall.

It’s Advent- the most anti-social of seasons,
difficult to keep amidst appealing worldly wiles;
lights, music, all reinforcing an event undone
in its original intent by commercialism, calendar,
and convenience. Time upset, carts before horses.

I say "Blessed Waiting" in reply to greetings
when I feel fiesty enough to explain, I do.
It’s that or be thought a witch or worse: atheist.
No, I haven’t decorated, yes, I’m shopping
but without frenzy or fear, for gifts of purpose.

Getting ready to do what others will be done with
is like coming to a party after everyone is drunk-
you just want to go home. My tree will be up
through Twelfth Night (or more, luck be damned).
For now, I’m getting ready- something’s coming!

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