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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Blue Christmas

Shann Palmer's memorial service will be at Grace Episcopal in Goochland, VA on the 5th of January at 2pm. There will be a telecast service in the perish hall, followed by a large reception. Potluck dishes are appreciated but not mandatory. There will not be a creepy casket.

Yesterday my brother and I sang for the two Christmas Eve services at Grace. He hadn't been in a long time, but I promised her (Shann, mom) I would sing after I went away for Thanksgiving. We came back with different emotions. He felt angry. I was numb. It was a reminder that she's irreplaceable, like Jay-Z to Beyonc√©, or Kim Kardashian to Kim Kardashian. It was incredible though, to see how much love she was surrounded with.

I didn't capture it in the last post- that little woman was loved so greatly by so many, her death is almost absurd. People might start asking if she died eating one of those Elvis sandwiches.

Mom always gave us a present early. We would shake every box, find everything. We even learned to sneak out and look in her trunk, just to discover what would be the greatest choice. We didn't give her much. She was always selfless, except for a steak biscuit on Sunday mornings.

Her trunk was empty this year.

My brother bought himself a fantastic gift while mom was still under. Almost every year, she would buy him a nutcracker. Since dad didn't want us to bother with putting up the "real" tree (mine is up and actively being a second cat tower with fun breakables) they have the dorky (20"?) one mom insisted on keeping atop the tv, tiny horns and mini lights long hoping for a trash can. Next to it, a much bigger eyesore! In a beloved 50% off sale at a drugstore, Paul found a 3 foot tall nutcracker.
"Come on! Mom was 4'10" I told him, "and not nearly as skinny!"

May all of you have a fantastic holiday, or Christmas, if that's your thing.

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