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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Always Hungry

Hi folks,

I posted this picture on Shann's facebook yesterday.
I remember her stories about being terribly poor as a kid- her father calling the kids to scrounge the 7-11 parking lot to gather lost change. There was a great time when she went out to some restaurant with her ex-husband and others and ordered goulash, which she assumed was her father's amalgamation of macaroni, hot dogs, and ketchup... whatever was in the fridge, and was very surprised with what she got.
When she was in college, she told me tacos were (maybe?) twelve cents and she would keep those on the radiator and almost only go on dates for free dinners. It's also where she started being a professional cleaner. She really was a very poor, very hungry girl.

When I was a kid (like out of a Joni Mitchell song- all are fat and none are thin) we would once in a while drive to Costco and get one of those gallons of tiny frozen creampuffs, wait 'til they weren't rock hard and eat them. She told my pseudo boyfriend that I started the tradition, but my story is different. Of course I don't think I've had one in twelve years or so, and really haven't been a fan of desserts aside from a taste of her Costco berry sundae. We usually went together.

And when I pick up my no-refill prescription for pain meds, the pharmacist tells me I look like her.
Every single day that we live is a new war. It can be bad or good, but you have to live through it to know which one it is. Most of us are scared shitless, but it happens, it all happens.

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