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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Check out Good Guests by Vern Rutsala. He's one of the finalists for the National Book Award for poetry-

Here's the rest: (two links for each poet)
John Ashbery -- Where Shall I Wander
Frank Bidart -- Star Dust
Brendan Galvin -- Habitat
W S Merwin -- Migration
Vern Rutsala -- The Moment's Equation (scroll down)

There's at least one friend of mine who will say- why do you care about these academic nothings? And I say, I don't but it's interesting- I'm torn between Ashbery (whom I adore) and Merwin (who is stunning)- Bidart and Galvin I know less- Tony Hoagland just got a big fat award- good for him- so I guess he didn;t get to make the double dip-

What separates the wheat from the chaff other than a lot of wind or a good shake?

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