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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Amazing how two days slip by- the show (Five Girls Follies- see Oct 4) was wonderful, the girls raised about one-third of the hotel money they need for New York-

I played piano-

time stopped, as usual.

Music was what led me to first question the concept of linear time. When I am playing or singing, performing- I have noticed, or not noticed as the case may be- that time suspends for me- if I am doing a poetry reading it happens occasionally, but usually only if I am doing a solo reading of 15-30 minutes. In music it happens all the time.

Speaking of reading- Moveable Feast this friday- at 1708 Gallery on Broad Street. Can someone advise about the spelling of 'moveable-vs-movable'? I see both all over the web.

Anyway- time- maybe it's not time, maybe it's a trance state. sometimes I write that way, or the poem/short story emerges when it happens/or does the creative activity dictate the state?

I heard a new statement I like- I'm 'studying' to become a musical comedy improv accompanist- yeah- but here's the quote- "Craft liberates genius"- in the book it is attributed to Dick Grove but it sounds like something that has probably been said many times before-

Why don't teachers point this out more often to poetry students?? I am tired of the 'I write it this way because it comes from my heart and you can't edit genuine emotions' Oh yes I can.

Maybe we don't have enough time- or maybe we have too much. Makes me want the life of a Tralfamadorian- now THAT would solve a few of my time issues.

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