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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How to fit it all in?

I'm going to miss Hal Crowther at the Virginia Museum tomorrow night- have to- the daughter has a parent meeting at the school for the kids going to VTA. They won (top 2 rows, middle 2 my daughter, with flower) last year (Songs from Bedlam by Doug Jones) so can't compete for a place, but they can go and compete for other awards. She's in a short play and entering a costume plot for Tartuffe. It's up in Reston, so I get TIME TO MYSELF (particularly since hubby & the son have a game weekend)

Getting to events is becoming more difficult as the choices increase- Richard Peabody of Gargolye will also be here tomorrow at Chop Suey bookstore with Liz Canfield- all this activity is going on in a five mile radius of where I live and I'll be at the high school because that' s where I want to be right now-

as corny as it sounds, the poets will always be there- I've only got one daughter.

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