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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Good news for poets- another venue, this time at the Richmond Public Library. The Soul Cafe/Lyric Avenue folks had a sweet two hour block in the reading room, with prizes and food (thank you to Catering by Jill Inc, 8574 Sanford Drive Richmond VA, 804-262-5787).

There were almost thirty people, fans and fellow writers- from in town (shout out to T. S. Prunier)and out (Nathan Richardson who reads in Chesapeake at the Java Junction)- THE NEXT ONE Saturday November 12, 2-4pm - mark your calendars- I just did.

Check FlashPaperPoetry for more info, I hope they'll send me more.


In the meantime, I drove down Main St. to go home, through VCU past Monroe Park. There was a line of people, neatly single file, in front of a table. On the table were bowls and bread (I think) and one oversize crockpot. As I zoomed by, I though- I hope there's more coming because they'll never serve all those folks with that one pot.

What if they could serve them all with that one pot? A loaves and fishes scenario for the 21st century- There were more coming, too. A scruffy man with a jammed backpack was heading that way, another was crossing at the light.

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