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Thursday, October 20, 2005

well, that's never happened- I wrote a great blog and it blipped out of existence-

It would've changed the world- yeah

Here's some thoughts on blogging from C. Dale Young from Kelli Russell Agodon-

Personally, I have stopped going to workshop sites, preferring to blog- being interactive has worn me out-
the comments I received on poems were of little value except for a small few who knew the craft (and no, they didn't all gush over my brilliant poetry)

I really like to link, besides-

Speaking of linking- does anyone else grind their teeth at the "Where you at?" commercial?
I know it's a song lyric- in fact, that's what booted me off the page- i tried to link on two different sites to the lyrics and my computer was ambushed by adware- the protection program I have shut me down for safety-


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