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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Ides of November- it's unseasonably warm in Richmond, and all the nuts in my life are laying on the ground ready to be picked up and shelled.

I belong to an art gallery- 2 (not counting the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, of course) that are 'artist-run.' That's different than the VMFA or a university or corporate-run institution. In an artist-run gallery, we (the artists) do everything- staffing, sweeping, scrubbing the toilet, and taking out trash. EVERYTHING.

I joined because it keeps me in touch with like-minded people, gives me something to volunteer for that brings art to the public, gives me a forum for my poetry and a place to promote the poetry/performace work of others.

I'm not completely sure about why others joined. Conflicts are raging right now.Turf wars are abounding and I'm sick of it. For the first time today, I am ready to quit and put my energies toward something more positive.

But then the terrorists win, right??

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