memorial for a brilliant woman

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

stupid people

swirl my skirts with farts,
stinky consonants, vaudeville
fat men doing spit takes-

at least those guys were funny,
bringing out rolling chuckles
from shopgirls and tailors,

whole audiences held up
in matinee splendor, shoddy
pleasure, shooters and spuds.

No one caught meetings,
over-thought; it was “sink or swim,
bud, you better make ‘em laugh”

Pudding gives proof, blood speaks
simple: life is pain until you die-
enjoy the dancing bear before he eats you.


androla said...

ha! that first stanza is enormous! good poem.

T.S. said...

After my third read, I realize I take something new away from it every time. That's what poetry should do.

Thanks for this great tribute to what comedy should be.

wickedpen said...

great poem here, and good to hear from you...