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Friday, November 11, 2005

The link for the Mobylives audio feed is not working on my home computer- wah!
I have to fix that today- I have to write today- I have to order my turkey from Ukrop's today- I have to clean up my bedroom today so the desk on the front porch can come inside before it rains Monday.

It's just like the desk I had as a teen in my bedroom in La Porte. It matches my dresser (the picture is close but mine is nicer, I think) which is the only piece of furniture I have from my childhood. I have a lamp made from a tin my mother had (my ex-husband made it into a lamp), and another tin. A baby dress, my baby book, photos- that's all. Everything else in this house I have bought, made, or (rarely) been given.

Someone brought the desk to the church for the rummage sale and I had to have it. The vicar gave it to me and the husband of the alto in my choir delivered it yesterday.

It's colonial (yuck) and completely useless- it's tall (6ft?) narrow, with three shelves, a small drawer and a flip-top opening, sometimes called a secretary. I never used it as a desk and never will here either. I'm not sure where I'll put it or why I needed to have it.

Here's another link to the Times-Dispatch article on the thing the students are doing at the Holocaust Museum. I'm just the piano player.

Have a lovely Veteran's Day, we're all veterans of something - maybe our childhood spent in a covert war. Read this from Kurt Vonnegut-

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