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Saturday, November 12, 2005

"She died, free but in poverty." from a link at Poetry Hut

They'll probably say that about me. The poverty part, anyway.

uh- yo,yo,yo- drop my drawers- I was avoiding housework when I slipped over to Ron Sillimans's blog and saw-umm- me- it's a great blog- read it, go ahead- everyday. I do.

I can't believe I just linked to myself-
I'm missing the Soul Cafe reading at the library because I'll be at the gallery tonight for Hotel X (8pm, c'mon) and all day tomorrow at the Holocaust museum and have to do stuff sometime-

I did, however, write 1500 words and a poem today- yeah!

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androla said...

strange...nobody has posted comments on yr blog -- saw you at the silliman blog -- be well, & thrive!