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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Am I ready for the new year? Yes- I am amazed it's 2006. As a kid, I tried to imagine the 2000's and I never could, like the hand in Mau'Dib's vision that kept him from seeing his own fate.

And now I am ready for 'Christmas', whatever that means. I made sweet/hot walnuts for folks (like my choir members) but I never gathered enough tins, so I'm using little bags.

The presents are wrapped, except for my hubby's- I got him Season One of Deadwood. He's gone for a motorcycle ride- it's 55 and sunny here after a month of really COLD.

I guess I'll go get dressed, I have to leave for church in 20 minutes, pageant and service at 4pm, lessons and carols, service at 10. I'll get home about one or so.

I don't know- what's it all about, Alfie? I have my usual holiday doldrums, no friends, no fun, no belief- the food is pretty good, though.

Have a blessed whatever you celebrate- maybe some of the good times will rub off on me and the misanthropes out there.


anup.777 said...

Wish u a very Happy Christmas! ... Smile pls :)

Nick said...

Happy Holidays, Shann!

T.S. said...

It's interesting how "Happy Holidays" and whatever people celebrate has been made into such an "issue" by Fox News.

This is one of those rare years where Hannakah starts on Christmas and Kwanzaa isn't too far behind. Let's just celebrate what we celebrate...

For me, it's Merry Christmas!

And Festivus, of course. I've got family in town, so now's the chance. I'm a lock for the feats of strength, but will have some tough competition from my sister in the airing of grievances.

And Happy New Year.