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Monday, December 19, 2005

Seasonal disorder- that's what I'm in the middle of right now- I'm not sure it's a real medical condition for me- but externally everything is crazy and internally disorder is my status quo.

I just spent two hours on the phone with my aunts- one 79, the other 96- because I hadn't called them in way too long, not to mention 't'is the season'. I've put in a roast (Alton Brown Pot Roast recipe), lost, then found two blown glass seagulls I'd bought that need to be mailed, didn't go into work (and apparently it's been crazy), and have rehearsal at 6:00 with two young men who are doing a showcase 'cabaret' at the ComedyImprov Theater on Wednesday and I'm playing piano. '

I must learn to say- fine, I'll play- I need $25 an hour. Of course, only one of them could afford that- and he'd have to get it from his parents, so it doesn't really matter (I do it because I want to) but I need to learn to do that.

I terribly undervalue myself.

I did buy a basket for my friend Dave at Bootsie's Chocolate Obsession (Parc Place at Short Pump across from Dillard's)- I seem to be awful at gifting people- I hope he likes it- Go to Bootsie's - her daughter is my daughter's friends- she gives SAMPLES!

Now I'm going to Stir Crazy to get lunch with my daughter-

poetry?? what poetry????


T.S. said...


I know what you mean... the season just stirs up the sediment. I have come to realize that as time goes on, there'll always be sediment left to address... it's like owning a house.

Speaking of which, I'm busy stuffing the attic and putting together the last of our Ikea furniture before my mother and sister come through for the holidays.

I'm feeling a little guilty about making holiday calls from the car, but it's a 30-minute commute, so what else can I do - talk to myself? I do that enough already.

I wish you the best Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Festivus ever.

T.S. said...

And one more thing: with the Lyric Ave show coming up on Jan. 7 (buy tix from me!!!), arranging a rehearsal schedule around so many diverse, busy lives is so difficult. I'm actually glad to have the break until next week.

Oh, and here's a haiku, to save you the effort...

Poor Sarah Connor
She never did have a chance
Damned Terminator!