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Sunday, December 04, 2005

You know what I'd really like for a gift? Some time with a really excellent piano, just to play for awhile, alone, no pressure-

I am so weary of keyboards and crappy instruments- I mean, I don't mind (particularly when I'm being paid) but there is nothing like the joy I experience playing a wonderful, in tune, instrument.

Sometimes listening to NPR, I get all weepy thinking about it. I really miss playing for pleasure. Playing what I want. Riffing on a tune, all that.

Gimme a big old Steinway grand, all wood, made fifty years ago and well-maintained. Yeah!


T.S. said...


I think you just inspired me to write a poem.

Not too long ago, my wife acquired, through the divorce of a friend, a Baldwin baby grand built sometime in the 1930s.

See, she used to be a recital pianist, and it might've been the one fun part of her difficult childhood. She hasn't tickled ivories in more than 15 years, but still dreams of the day she can take a seat in our living room and play.

The thing is horribly out of tune. It moved from Orange County, NY to our third-floor walk-up in Maplewood, NJ, and then to Richmond more than two years ago. We just had it moved by "Two Guys and a Truck" (big mistake) to our place in Midlothian, and it hasn't been tuned the entire time we've owned it.

But I too look forward to having it tuned. It's shell is chipped and the "Two Guys" (actually, four of 'em) added some new dings and dents, but there's hope that it will one day fill our home with beautiful sounds.

Ah, if I wasn't at work, I'd start writing right now. (*boss over shoulder)...

shann said...

that's very cool- I'm glad it inspired you-

send me your email address, okay? I know a guy locally who is honest and very good at fixing pianos-

Simmons B. Buntin said...

'Twould, though, be much more difficult to ship the piano than purchase one of the poetry books from your list...!

shann said...

t'is true! But it never hurts to let your dreams be known- at the non-profit artist-run gallery where I am a member, we need an elevator to use the 2nd floor- when someone asks, I tell them why we can't use it and mention if they would donate the funds for an elevator, we'd be happy to name it after them- I sincerely believe one of these days someone will pull out a check and give it to us on the spot!