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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Finally got to the Poetry Jam at Cafe Gutenberg, revitalized and renewed through the leadership of T.S. Prunier.

It was most excellent, a covey of poets and a dash of audience, good wine and excellent food (says me) and a real need to get to my webpage and update the calendar.

Alas, I came home and started reading "The Bedside Companion to the No Tell Motel" which arrived in the mail today and read until I was too tired to make sense of it. It is delightful! Funny poems, sweet poems, heart-breakers, and horny-mama verse.

get one- you won't be sorry!

You know what I enjoyed about tonight's poetry? So much variety, acceptance, joy in words. I always feel obscure and deep (as in shit) in the face of 'slammish' but not tonight. My stuff is counched and careful compared to bare-souling, pretty on the page but not first-read (or first-hear) experience. I envy the spoken souls for their heart sleeves.

But nobody cared, everybody listened. Why can't most MFA's be more like that and less in their fucking heads???

oooo- bias showing, ask me after Thursday when I go to the Virginia Museum for Art After Hours and less transparent pages.

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T.S. said...

I liked the chat we all had, talking about the variety and the support we give one another.

The Just Poetry Jam has been a little rudderless, but I see it finally evolving into an extension of Shockoe Poets, Lyric Ave, Tuesday Verses and Soul Cafe and Kitchen and any other oral tradition here in Richmond.

BTW, I'll email you a few February dates I do know for your calendar.