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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Anyone out there in bloggworld know the singer Christine Lavin?

We're trying to reach her to get permission to include her song "Sensitive New Age Guys" in a review show called "A-My Name is Alice." It's at the Henrico High School Center for the Arts and the shows are Feb 22, 23, and 24th. I'm musical director and my daughter is one of the five girls in the show (though she wouldn't be singing it). The show has apparently been done with that song included though it was not in the original score, but if we get permission, we can use it.

I love her song "Kind of Love You Never Recover From" - gets me everytime.

I know it's a crazy thing to ask but I've known weirder connections to be made (the inquiries we've made have not generated any response).


T.S. said...

Maybe go to her booking page on her site ( and email the contact ( to get more information. Not sure if this will suddenly propel the request into the money zone, but that was the best I could find.

Looking forward to Shockoe Poets this weekend.

shann said...

we tried that, thanks, TS- I dunno- we don't need it and the show has been done with a variety of songs, so whatever happens, happens-

I hope you mean the 22nd!