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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Well, here's an update for you- I was sitting at the computer and heard something on the front porch. We frequently have small animals, cats, birds out there, particularly on blowy, rainy nights like tonight.

I got up and turned on the light, pulled back the blinds to see some guy masturbating against the storm door- I freaked, yelled for my husband (already in bed- it was about 12:30 am) and the guy took off running down the street.

He went out to look around while I called the cops- they came pretty quickly, even though I called it in as a non-emergency.

I am so angry. Angry at myself for not getting a better description (he did have a hood pulled down over his face) and for this creep for making me feel unsafe in my house. I went to the sexual predator site and there are SIX known men within a three block radius, two looked like reasonable possibilities, though I thought the guy was younger- he moved pretty fast when he took off.

I come home late with some frequency. My daughter is 17 - since the murders on Southside across the river I'd have to say most Richmonders have taken precautions, checked their vulnerability.

But this is the first time I've worried about it since I lived in the city. The first time I've felt afraid.

no poetry tonight

no sleep, either.


Simmons B. Buntin said...

Yikes! Looks like a well-placed trap that only you, your family, and advised visitors know about might be in order. But, of course, then there's all the liability crap.

Ah well, whatever happened to the good ol' days when it was just a gaggle of pre-pubescent boys peeking in girl's windows (yours truly among them, I have to admit, at least once or twice)?

T.S. said...

I don't want to get off on a political rant here, but our economy isn't as hot as the people in the White House like to say. The Dow and Nasdaq are soaring, but the underbelly in Richmond is on the grow.

My wife and I lived about 200 yards from the Harveys until mid-November, but we're not as shook as our old neighborhood. Fortunately, the killers have been caught and it appears no one is interested in copycatting.

During our time there, we did have drug addicts knock on both the front and the back door, but we were able to handle it (my size did most of the talking, the neighbors helped with the rest).

As far as the creep in your doorway, that is disgraceful. Take solace in the fact that he is too afraid for real human contact to do anything more than psychological harm. Of course, your late hours and daughter's age are of great concern, but instead of a trap, maybe keep a camera handy in case this creep returns.