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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I need some time- I always need time. There is dust all over the paneled wall in the bedroom.

When I was home more, I would keep it clean, my allergies loved me.

Now I go to work, go to rehearsal, come home, cook, doze, wake up, do this and go back to sleep to begin it all again.

My Christmas tree is still up.

My poems are unsubmitted and worse, unwritten.

I'm in rehearsal at Henrico High School Center for the Arts
for "A- My Name is Alice" a musical by and about women-
Wed Feb 22 and Thurs 23rd at ComedySportz Theater
on Staples Mill and Glenside
8:00pm $10
and February 24th at the high school-

I'm musical director and my daughter is one of five girls in the cast-
call 266-9377 for reservations at ComedySportz

after that, maybe I'll clean the wall.

Good news! Looks like we have a venue for the RichmondSlam- more info later!!!

and re:that- check here for Chicago news

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T.S. said...

Boy can I identify with being spread too thin. As for SlamRichmond, the forthcoming good news coulnd't happen without you. I thank you for making yesterday a good day.