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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Kate Campbell- she has a voice like sorghum syrup- and if you don't know what that is, I'm sorry for you. Or if you've never heard her. I did once, last year, I think- I sat ten feet away, in a hall the Starbucks Series uses for concerts (Presbyterian Church- nothing offensive or radical). She is a pure good person, just is- like somebody you never heard of, till you meet them and know they'd help you fix your tire, clean up after a sick baby- you know- country folk, decent.

What I always believed "America" should be- hard-working, any color, any age, any religion that believes in something better, all that. I am so simple. I guess. It's everything else that's complicated.

I'm trying to get back into writing- a little at a time- the show rehearsals are eating me up, so I try to let it all slide over me, into me, so I can write later.

Deep down, I always wonder how much 'later' I've got- who doesn't? The days go by, go by, go by- I can't remember what I did Tuesday, Monday, a month ago-

I like to make deals with that god I'm not sure about anymore- ten more years- that's all, I say- ten more. Ever so often I send that message out- ten more years, from now, from next week, next year.

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