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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How time passes when you're playing piano ten hours a day!

Another showcase at the high school for the arts!

however- Saturday, I went to the Poetry Society of Virginia meeting in Leesburg, VA (another highly overrated historical town- "fun for all rich white people" I mean, c'mon- they all look alike, don't they? though the food was pretty nice at the Eiffle Tower Cafe)where I met the purveyor of Orchises Press, Roger Lathbury- who seems to love books, printing presses, and all that wonderful stuff- I purchased a copy of Kinky by denise duhamel

I'm pretty sure that helped us raise $30 at the raffle at the

VERY FIRST qualifying round of the SlamRichmond, which was a raging hit- read all about it on the link! And come on April 3rd- be a part of this historical event! (It's Virginia- if it ain't historical, it ain't worth shit!)

and in the meantime- I'm reading and loving Riverfall by Simmons Buntin, editor of one of my favorite zines-

Write on, y'all!


T.S. said...

SlamRichmond, sweety, SlamRichmond.

You were a very big part of that success, Shann. I can't thank you enough... but I will, with some never-ending tasks. Isn't fundraising fun?

Nope. But it's a cause we think worthy.

shann said...

I fixed it

worthy-definately worthy-

I think you're the only local person who reads my blog.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Aw shucks, thanks!