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Friday, March 17, 2006

how about a poem for a change- maybe a poem rewrite-

Dreaming Freddie Mercury

Don't worry trouble into an envelope
he said I cut my tongue on whispers
licking too much of what was, in love

before I knew the tang of words like
wily, coyote, white-line, rule of thumb
out waiting for a ride to Harrisburg, PA.

All the King's ranches, and all of Ming's kin
can't fix a lyric sung so wrong so long
when you're party wise and panty foolish

I said no one knows how to hum or
harmonize anymore, the hourglass is empty,
grab your purse, say blackbird bye.

By all means take a look around before
sunset changes everything, it will change
everything, if you're ready to listen

to what's said on the last day of your life
under your breath the sweetest sounds,
the ones only you are meant to understand.

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