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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's crazy what you find on google at 2am- I found a link to one of my poems in Eclectica referenced on a site about bottlecutters-

My google horizon has expanded, thanks to blogs, blogging, and bloggers. It's been years since I've found a poem of mine on the net used by someone who doesn't give me credit for it. The worst was around 9-11, when three web pages posted my poem without permission.

Once, I had a zine acceptance that I never knew about until I googled.

I even found the reference to one of my first publications, in 1996, in a wonderful magazine called Echoes-

It was a terrible poem, but heartfelt. I remember the editor took it after submissions were closed, Jerry H. Jenkins- a frequent contributor, encouraged me to send it after I had posted it on the Compuserve Forum.

nothing like nostalgia, is there?

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