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Friday, March 17, 2006

Another curse on the common folk in poetry, the League of American Poets Beware!

but good news on the TV front- Canadian Poets

It's always a balance, isn't it?

First day without the regular job- I walked off yesterday at about 4pm. We did the usual "Come back and visit us" bullshit- and I may go back for the graduation ceremony (I worked with kids with mental disabilities, some of them would really be thrilled to see me there, but none of them would remember I wasn't).

Of course- my calendar is already full- it's mid April before I get a totally free day, and like today it will fill up. I have to drive the daughter to school, drive closer to town to hear the radio program on WRIR with T.S. and Kelly advertising the new SlamRichmond events that start Monday night- then at 1:30 pick up my son, then my daughter's boyfriend at the university, take the son to work, the boyfriend to a job interview at ComedySportz (where the Slam will take place, coincidentally), pick up the daughter at school, pick up the boyfriend, take them both (I hope) back to work at Comedy Sportz, somehow in the middle of all this cook my corned beef and cabbage, and maybe get to the gym to swim around 6pm.

Oh yeah- and wash clothes. Thank goodness I quit my day job.

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T.S. said...

Well, I appreciate you coming over to listen to the interview and having lunch, kind of the quiet before the storm.

You should start charging for mileage.