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Sunday, March 05, 2006

so much time has gone by!

I have eight days left at the college- I can't wait- but I need to get some things in order and get 3 more paychecks (one next Monday, then the next two after I'm gone)

I want to start doing things right now, but it's tough-

In a very short time I'll have days to myself to clean, work, write (not necessarily in that order) and try to figure out ny next move. It's all good, all good-

The most difficulty I find is focusing on right now and the tasks I must complete- buying ABC licenses for the gallery, getting the slam going, not missing meetings, i feel like the Robin Williams character in that Woody Allen movie- I'm unfocused-

There are no smooth transitions, are there? Just one bumpy road to the next-

My husband was worried about what we'll do when chicken gets expensive- the absolute farthest thing from my mind. I mean, we'll eat what there is to eat, right? Do you think that was his passive agressive way of saying "I wish you wouldn't quit your job in these tough times?"

I want to slough off some of my anger. Anger at being tired, being sucked dry by other people's problems, anger at not being able to write, at having chaos in the house, at being the only one who does ANYTHING around here.

Please, no advice- what is, I'm mad as hell and I'm quitting my job so at least I won't be mad about THAT.

Go out to Bootsie's Chocolate Obsession, buy some great dark chocolate and relax.

It'll all be better soon.


Simmons B. Buntin said...

This isn't advice, but...

You know, the next issue of is out (, and that always makes me feel better.

(That could be, however, because I can relax after spending countless hours putting it together; so maybe it's just me.)

shann said...

Yeah, Terrain!! One of my favorite zines!!!

Thanks, that does cheer me up-

that and seven days left of this job.

I'm already booked with piano stuff the following week at almost three times the rate per hour pay!