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Monday, March 06, 2006

My 96-year-old aunt is right- the end of the world is nigh....

Jessica Simpson also tells W magazine that she is set to publish a volume of poetry, which she has been writing since she was 11.

She adds: "It's a piece of my heart I want to share with my fans."

I have nothing to say.

Actually I do, but none of it is coherent (no doubt similar to her poetry)


T.S. said...

It could be worse... it could've been Ashlee.

I think there should be a new term, if it doesn't exist already: B.P., which stands for Bad Poetry. We're all guitly of writing it (I think I wrote some this weekend, along with some decent material as well), but some of us just traffic in it (Jewel, anyone?) and that's just a shame.

What baffles me is how this Barbie doll is so successful. My wife says she has an incredible voice, but there's NOTHING between the ears. Which reminds me of one of the poems I wrote this weekend. I'll have to email it to you or read it at Shockoe next Sunday.

Been getting some day work done, and still feel miles behind with SlamRichmond. This is a chill week, just doing a little, going to only one poetry venue (Tuesday Verses) and the interview with WRIR on Wednesday night. Everything else will be phone work.

So rest easy... Jessica Simpson can't hurt poetry all that much - unless she gets on Def Poetry. But I believe Jewel and her B.P. will prevent a mistake like that happening again.

Make it a happy Monday. I've gotta go mail some stuff to PSi.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Wow (and I don't mean that in a good way). How the masses are always fooled.