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Friday, June 30, 2006

Poetry Thursday- I almost forgot-

Angelina Ballerina

Show your Fosse fingers
and watch the cha-cha start!!
Ultra-Black is the new pink.

Any dream will do what your head
says, think dark thoughts- you should,
nobody loves a goody-toe-shoe.

Even if you fuck up today, shut up
tomorrow. What doesn’t kill, will
codify the princess pea of anger

that keeps you up all night using
profanity. You know, twenty percent
stopped paying attention at ‘fuck’.

So do it for the rest, the eighty-P,
Angie-B, that guy you want is no more
than the sum of his farts, bless his

heart, you gotta have moxie, epoxy,
whatever it takes to enable you to
stick out in a crowd, not by his side.

Take all the Cadillac's in Texas,
line ‘em up and all you get is a line
way too long from here to who cares.

When you dance alone, it’s still a tango.


January said...

Great poem. It's kinda fun taking a children's character and making her real. The opening stanza is my favorite.

wendylou who? said...

Moxy epoxy...this will be repeated in my huse..guarenteed..

Ilove all those who admitt to a little panic induced in law cleaning...just love em to bits!

jim said...

I love this antidote to the fru-fru-ness (and January thinks I'm all about frippery!) of dolled-up, infantilized young girls. This is about a different kind of dancing, stuff tough and independent enough for Martha Graham, and sexy and athletic enough for Twyla Tharp.