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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Obituary (if you get to the main page, search the Obituaries from the San Francisco Chronicle" using "Talcott")

There may be a few of you who remember when William Talcott came to Richmond (96 or 97) and did readings at Borders on Broad Street and Barnes & Noble when it was at Willow Lawn. He came to Trinity Episcopal School and spent a day with my creative writing students (mostly remembered because we had to meet in the senior lounge because he was a chain smoker and had to leave constantly to go to the edge of the woods-off school property- to smoke).

He wrote "Benita's Book" about his long-term affair with another man's wife, edited the excellent magazine Carbuncle, and was a good friend of Andrei Codrescu.

We had quite a friendship on CompuServe, he was a wonderful person and poet, full of life. I had been thinking of him recently- I lost his email ages ago.

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Glenn Ingersoll said...

I saw him read a couple times. Bought a little book I read more than once. I remember deciding not to get rid of it when I was doing a cull.

I was looking at an old literary magazine (from 1990) the other day. Realized he was in it (so was I) and that he was the third poet in it that I knew (other than merely by the writing) who had died since the magazine was published.