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Monday, May 07, 2007

Three more days left until I'm back home from the mountains of Virginia at the Episcopal retreat called Shrinemont- it's a beautiful place and every year they make it better! It's on the site of an early 20th century hot springs where the wealthy from the DC area went to tale the waters- fell into disrepair and was bought and redone as a conference center. I've been going since the mid-seventies

The time with the congregation I work for was wonderful, though we didn't do enough music ( I did get a chance to do some arrangements for my choir and play through some new stuff). I also worked on my National Poetry Month poems, so s new chapbook is coming soon.

It drizzled a cold rain all day Saturday so some of us went to a new little winery (they're popping up all over the state). Decent, but not great- strongest in light whites, unfortunately I'm mostly a red drinker.

Parse that sentence, grammar police!

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