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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where are my poems???

In my head, still, I suppose- the rest in revision.

I'm trying to get my little chapbook ready by friday to take to the Poetry Festival in Williamsburg- maybe sell a few, pay for my hotel room and food.

But my printer is being cranky, reluctant to give me clean copies, and I need a cover. There was a great photo Simmons Buntin did but I don't remember where to find it- not to mention I want to save it for something else.

And of course, I have to work. Bleagh.

more poems, less work.

My reading series on May Sunday afternoons are going nicely- we had around 25 people last Sunday for Patsy Anne Bickerstaff, Timothy Ball and Montana Sullivan, and a little by myself- plus Jimmy Warner and Corey Roberts at the end.

Not a bad turnout for beautiful weather and Mother's Day in Richmond.

Next Sunday is the last one! Here

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