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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Update on the Poet Laureate and Gov. Kaine

After all my letters to the Governor about not appointing a poet laureate in a timely manner- we have been without since July 1st- I had lunch with Carolyn Foronda (Virginia laureate 2006-2008) at her home near Deltaville and got the scoop.

The poet laureate must provide years of financial records, tax forms, job history, all manner of personal data to prove (I suppose) they aren't terrorists or criminals. She said it took her weeks to come up with all the needed data, and she's a very organized person!

I can't imagine that many poets have all that info at their fingertips, more likely in shoeboxes and Ukrops' bags or somewhere deep in the chaos of their dwellings. All that for an unpaid position that very few people actually care about.

Ridiculous? Yes. The nominee is probably trolling through files for minutiae they shouldn't need to share with the government. I guess we'll wait till they get it together.

There goes my chances-

In the meantime, have vision- there will most likely be a Poetry Festival in the Richmond area in 2010- something for poets at the top of their game, something James River Writers doesn't offer, the Festival of the Book doesn't provide, the University in-house shows can't open up for- it's coming, poets- be ready, start writing and revising now!


Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting this. A friend of mine is one of the three finalists and I was wondering why there had been no news of an appointment.

Jilly said...