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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What a Party! Richmond Mag's Best/Worst

What a cool party Richmond Magazine had last night! I sampled foods from all sorts of restaurants I can't afford to patronize, drank decent wine, and we folks from ComedySportz Improv performed our six-minute musical "What's There to do in Richmond?".

I didn't try to ride the Segway, but I did hobnob with other James River Writers folks and the artsy crowd (who were those other people?)

Interesting music by the DJ- very typical easy listening classic late disco-ish fare (michael jackson ferchrissakes?) though early on (before everybody got there) it was better. White boys in white suits dancing- heh!

Richmond is such a strange city- and despite what Michael three-names said in his column in the RTD today - it's about as provincial as any place I could name.

You know, a famous poet once told me no one cares as much about your work as you do, so get over yourself. Sounds like good advice for this place (my home for almost forty years).

We ain't all that- seriously. I have developed a fondness for the place, I must say.

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iwishicouldcook said...

Great performance last night. I was hanging by the Barboursville table when you all broke into song. Too much fun! Which one were you?