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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Free or Formal? Leave me alone!

Such a silly thing to worry about, but some people who make their living in the academy must keep the argument going so they can keep their jobs, I suppose!

Check the article out HERE

I write what I write. What do you write?


מבול said...


I put up a thread of about Alsop on a forum. Dated September. Google 'sonnet talk forum'. You should find it. Apropos of that, I recently received email saying that Alsop was British.

However, for starters you can find my comments, and your responses, on your blog of about January 7, having to do with Alsop.

At Sonnet Talk, I made remarks about public figures. One blogger, whom I consider a public figure, I quoted without permission. I did not think it was appropriate to quote from your blog without your permission. There is another blogger whom I likewise declined to mention on Sonnet Talk.

Note: Some of my comments on your blog I deleted after an interval, since these comments contained names, another issue I raised on Sonnet Talk.

Shann Palmer said...

As you wish...

you have my permission to quote from my blog- if you want to.

I was glancing through the Melic and Alsop anthologies recently- they both contained some great work. I miss the community.