memorial for a brilliant woman

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a poem for wednesday morning 3am

to be silent

can lead to misunderstandings,
the sky may not have been right
air quality less than desired
humidity off doing its curly work.
in a dark coffee shop somewhere

did you know the actor in the commercial?
I did, but didn’t speak up and now
you’ll never know I was important
before I became a window washer
climbing buildings, squeegee bound.

Why wash glass walls on rainy days?
There are others things we should attend to
one mustn’t be limited by tiny minds,
large panes, pulleys and the inevitability
science brings: what goes up can disappear

I lost two friends today, one to a feral god,
the other to a long line of shot glasses.
One left music, one filled the room with anger,
though both are as lost as keys, gloves.
Next time, speak up- don’t die alone.

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