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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Possible titles for my new chapbook

Uttering and Publishing see definition

Because I Have a Song Chinese proverb

More Than This Day Goethe

Another Chapbook Already?

Drinking with Harlan Ellison

The Bubble Where There Is No Time from a poem by Barbara Jane Reyes

I highly favor the first or the last-

If I use Ms Reyes quote, do I have to ask her permission to print a small excerpt that contains the line? It is a small self-published book, no ISBN


QMR said...

Hi shannp,

Nice BLOG, am enjoying reading it.

Personally, I think you should contact Ms. Reyes & ask permission to use her quote. It's a nice courtesy and she would be flattered.

Btw, ref. "Buy your CD here," don't you still owe me a book or CD in exchange for my book of poems I sent you a couple of years ago? I think you do...

Hope all is well and it was good to see you posting on the Slate Fray again.



T.S. said...

I vote "Muttering and Publishing."