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Saturday, March 11, 2006

We're almost at Mid-march and the temperature here yesterday was 81. A record.

It will be in the 70's again today. That means tonight at the gallery when Rattlemouth plays, they will consume massive amounts of beer and soft drinks.

So, again, I have to make a trip to Costco- oh well, I need gas, and that, like the temperature is high again.

When will I have time for poetry??

answer: three more days work at the college-

THEN I get my life back. sort of- I've already contracted for time the last two weeks in March at the high school- but at least it's not downtown.

The construction in downtown Richmond has made it a dreadful place to be right now- but oh my- in about two years it should be a great place for conventions and stuff like that.

No Olympics, though- we're way too laid back for that-


T.S. said...

Very funny - two years. Richmond will probably be under constant construction, because this overlapping intiative overlaps with that initiative and, well, the money's spent. I just wonder when they'll invest in powerwashing with hydrochloric acid to melt away the homeless. Ah-hah-hah, what an anniversary it will be! 400 years and implicit slavery through segregation and we artists will be stuck in the middle, constantly slamming The Man with our poetry while holding our hands out whenever The Man is willing give to support our artistic endeavors.

Next Sunday (3/19) is the third anniversary of the most historically-signifiant error of the George W. Bush occupation of the White House: Iraq II began for no reason.

I bet paying reparations - there and here - would be cheaper than leaving troops in harm's way for the sake of Halliburton.

It seems pointless to bring this up again and again, but the proles need to wake up, stop letting their lives revolve around NASCAR and see the mess that's sinking our nation and our national heritage.

Oh, but at least Richmond will have some cobblestone streets. Yippie!

shann said...

Har- reparations, my ass- in five years the hispanic population will begin to eclipse anybody thinking reparation, dude- but no one wants to talk about that.

At the Dodge Poetry Festival last year (held at Duke Farms) Jane Hirshfield thanked the robber barons who made the blood money that enabled us to be there-

Artists have always tread a thin and shallow stream of water, it is both necessity and burden. The hard part is when we have to take from each other to make ends meet.

Check out this link: